Earpad guide for the CAL.1H (Measurements Attached)

The CAL.1H was designed with only two types of Earpad materials in mind, Alcantara and Velour. Since Earpad materials can have effects on the Frequency Response, here's a guide to help you find the best compromise for your application. 

First Image - Velour 
Second Image - Alcantara/Microsuede

Subjectively - The Alcantara is far superior in terms of comfort compared to the Velour. The tendency to collect dust is also reduced significantly on the Alcantara. The overall sound signature of the CAL.1H remains largely unchanged except a slight bow in the entire mid-range region experiences a slight increase. The tracking of the response in respect to the Harman Target curve is attached below for both.

The CAL.1H units aren't individually serialized and do not come with unit specific Measurement Certificates. A customer can request a Company attested Measurement Certificate before checkout for their specific unit at an additional cost.