Altiat CAL.1H
Altiat CAL.1H
Altiat CAL.1H
Altiat CAL.1H
Altiat CAL.1H
Altiat CAL.1H

Altiat CAL.1H

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The Cal.1H (pronounced "Caliber 1H") is not trying to break new grounds. It's an honest take on Electrodynamic transmission. The Cal.1H employs a 50mm driver with an infilled PET diaphragm. There is enough excursion to produce low-frequencies with ease and linearity without the unnecessary/overbearing side-effects.
The high-sensitivity of the drivers used in the CAL.1H is an advantage for ones who are wanting to correct the Frequency Response to their liking/compensations.

The build of the CAL.1H is primarily unibody Aluminium. The Headband is a mixture of Aluminium and Spring Steel with Delrin buffers which ensure clean action against the surfaces to avoid metal on metal fatigue.
Almost all parts of the CAL.1H are precision machined on CNC Turning and CNC Milling machines.

Technical Aspects:

Coupling : Circumaural
Transducer : Electrodynamic (50mm, Infilled Polymer)
Impedance : ~28 Ohms
Sensitivity : ~105.36dB SPL/mW @1 kHz (approx avg ~104dB SPL/mW @1 kHz)
Driver Matching : Min ~0.1dB to Max ~0.4dB avg throughout the Frequency Response range.

Information about the finishes : 

Orange Stone/Cyan Ocean/Scarlet/Anodised Black - These are all Anodized and due to the very nature of the Chemical process, these are extremely robust and require virtually no care, they can take abuse. (Earcups are cold to the touch)

Solid Ash - Our only wood option, the surface finish is truly excellent and smooth. The wood gets absolutely no processing in terms of stain. The Solid Ash is also exactly half the weight of the Aluminium earcups. A fantastic ultra-light option for those who are sensitive to weight. 

Arctic White/Gunmetal Grey - These are the only two Powder-Coated option. Quite robust and utilitarian options (Earcups are not cold to the touch)

Aluminium Silver - Sandblasted raw Aluminium earcups.